Every fourth employee in Europe has health problems due to stress. This means about 300 million people. 20% of them will suffer from burnout that is most often a consequence of chronic stress.

Detecting chronic stress and preventing burnout has been difficult as burnout has lacked diagnosis. This will change soon as the World Health organization has defined burnout as a mental disorder with a diagnosis of its own.

Today burnout is evaluated with interviews and questionnaires that face a lot of criticism. Questionnaires do not provide tools for early detection. Burnout is a gradual and often unconscious process. Therefore objective and physiological measurements are needed.


Moodmetric knows stress. We have collected long term and continuous data of mental stress for over five years. With this data and the help of artificial intelligence we will create a tool to help people to avoid burnout.

Moodmetric has a unique meter, the Moodmetric smart ring, and expertise in collecting data about work-related stress. The measurement data tells the stress level accurately due to electrodermal activity measurement that is rare in other wearable devices.

With artificial intelligence we are developing a new clinical solution that makes it possible to detect the early signs of burnout.

The Moodmetric measurement signal is validated by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. The ring provides laboratory level data.

The current generation of the Moodmetric smart ring and app are widely used by individuals, companies and researchers since 2015. We have measurement data from over 5 years. The data is of continuous, long term measurements of weeks and months.

In 2021 the current Moodmetric services are available for organizations as before. Simultaneously we are running a research study and a development program to create the new tool for health care: to detect the early signs of burnout and also to diagnose it.

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